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Michelangelo's Finest Architectural Drawings

The artist concentrated on honing his talents with sculpture early on, producing David at a surprisingly young age. Although it still defines his career, to a certain degree, Michelangelo was an artist who held great ambitions to take his talents as far as they could go. This ambition was to then lead to architectural work later on, as his skillset spread wider than had ever been seen before.

There are many sketches and preparatory study drawings from his career which remain into the modern day, and these provide perfect examples of the natural drawing talents which Michelangelo held. These drawings also allow us to see detail in his work but without extra layers being added on top, such as with frescos.

St Peter's Basilica was one of the largest projects in which Michelangelo worked, and it was also wrapped up in political issues, with several other well known artists having already contributed to the early designs for this presitigious building. Michelangelo was able to take the bull by the horns and push the whole project forwards, adding his own creative flair, but without clashing with what had gone before. The dome was to become the best known element of the whole building, and helped to draw attention to Michelangelo's qualities within this medium.

The inherant confidence of Michelangelo meant that he was able to take on projects which others would feel incapable of delivering. His fresco series on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel was expected by many to be his undoing, but again he rose to the challenge and produced what many consider to be one of the finest masterpieces in art history.

The huge fresco series required great amounts of study and preparation by Michelangelo and he produced many drawing and sketches to design each individual art work, as well as planning how each would fit alongside each other on the ceiling. Many of this study pieces still exist and serve as examples of what went on before the artist even started to add real colour to the piece.

We can conclude that Michelangelo drawings were important foundations for most of his career highlights and are worth studying in their own right.

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